The Cullen Thompson Motors/Garts Sports Castle in 1984.

National and State Register

The Architecture of Jules Jacques Benois Benedict in Colorado

The Denver-based architect Jules Jacques Benois Benedict practiced from 1909 until 1942.  The context document divides Benedict’s work in three time periods and further divides his work into five major property types.  The first and largest body is domestic buildings. This group includes the Cranmer House, the demolished Belmar, and the Weckbaugh Mansion.

The second type is commercial buildings.  Benedict designed few commercial buildings, but two of particular note are the now demolished Central Bank Building and the Cullen-Thompson Motor Co., now the Gart Brothers Sports Castle.  Also included is Benedict’s Art Deco transformation of the extant Colorado Building.

The third property type is public and educational buildings. This type includes the Rosedale School, the Woodbury Branch Library, and the Littleton Town Hall.  The fourth property type is religious buildings.  Included here are the extant St. Catherine’s Chapel near Estes Park, as well as the First Church of Divine Science and St. Thomas Theological Seminary, both in Denver.

The fifth type is park resources. The property type includes urban park structures like the demolished Sunken Gardens Pavilion and the extant Boat Pavilion at Denver’s Washington Park.  The property type also includes mountain park structures like the well house at Little Park, the shelter at Fillius Park, the Chief Hosa Lodge and the lodge at Echo Lake.  (Cover documentation accepted by the National Register on June 20, 2005.)