PAAC Certification Requirements

When a participant has successfully fulfilled the requirements of a particular certification level, the completed record is reviewed by the PAAC Board.  The PAAC Board must evaluate the records and vote unanimously to grant certification.  A certificate of expertise is then issued.   These PAAC certificate awards are announced at the quarterly and annual meetings of the Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS).

It is conceivable that a person may complete all the requirements for a category and still not be certified.  In the event of a deficiency sufficient to prevent a candidate's certification, that candidate may be re-evaluated only three more times without a special hearing by the Board.  In the event of a challenge by a candidate to the Board's action, that challenger must be furnished with a written statement by the Chairman of the Board explaining the reasons for the Board's action(s).  If not satisfied, the challenger has 30 days to respond in writing to the entire Board, who may elect to reconsider by an affirmative vote of all 3 voting members.  Otherwise, the challenger may withdraw from this voluntary program, or remedy the deficiency(s) found by the Board and be re-evaluated.

Surveyor Certification Requirements

PAAC volunteers may participate in any course, at any time.  Certification, however, will be granted only in the prescribed order.

Specialty Surveyor

The specialty surveyor is independent of the three previously established survey modules.  Failure to participate in this module will not affect continued participation in the certification program.  Certification indicates that an individual is a specialist within a focused area of study.  Certification requirements will be defined with each area of study in this module.  PAAC participants may design and carry out other certifiable projects beyond the three options listed here by submitting a detailed proposal to the PAAC board for their approval.

Laboratory Certification Requirements

Scholar Certification Requirements