Collection of photos Dog Patch community members donated to the project.

The Collection

Collecting Colorado

A Collaborative Approach, Open to All, Focused on Preserving the Then and Now

Here at History Colorado, we are documenting both historic and contemporary moments through the preservation of artifacts, photographs, documents and oral histories. Today’s moments have the power to help illuminate current events for future generations by helping them put their lives into historical context. We believe the future success and relevance of our collection lies in developing relationships with Colorado communities and individuals who will help us tell the stories of our state’s unique, powerful and diverse histories. 

History Colorado relies on generous donors to build our permanent collection and help us preserve and share Colorado's stories.

Currently, History Colorado is seeking contemporary and diverse materials made or used in Colorado after 1942 that represent the State’s people, places and ideas, along with subjects critical to shaping Colorado today. Our contemporary collecting initiative seeks to preserve history and is active, purposeful, collaborative, experimental, and responsive. We are open to identifying what is missing and what is needed, while also looking at what no longer works. 

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